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Corporate Adventure Retreats and Training



Journeys are epic. The allure of the unknown is irreplaceable. Modern day life is more demanding than ever, and even more so for top tier executives. DRIVE GROWTH has balanced these considerations and developed a hub and spoke model that offers a true adventure. Base camp is the hub, an austere location where every individual feels lucky to be there, a place that is unique, off the beaten path; a place that is a destination in and of itself. The spoke is the adventure for that day that offers every bit of the unpredictability that a genuine journey into the unknown has. These “spokes” will be forays into the craggy wilderness, to experience terrain that will test the team, and to feed our spirits with boundless inspiration. Then we traverse back to base camp where a hot dinner is ready, our gear is already unpacked, and we can share a genuine experience among friends and colleagues.

DRIVE GROWTH specializes in team building, leadership development, and performance gains for small teams of elite executives. Your team will enter an environment which fosters camaraderie, trust, and inspires the realization that any challenge - no matter how great - can be overcome. Our carefully planned and custom tailored retreat maintains a “Tough but Tailored” curriculum and focuses on creating an authentic personalized experience where course content, service, and atmosphere have a lasting educative and enlightening effect.

The course theme, designed to appeal to a diverse clientele, uses the rugged geographic landscape as a medium for the personal and professional challenges we face in life and a fleet of specialized off-road vehicles for teams to literally navigate over obstacles and manage operations. Once at our austere base camp team your team is inspirationally taught resiliency, grit, leadership, and team building techniques; then assigned roles and responsibilities, and provided real world opportunities to apply the real world opportunities to apply the principles into action. You will lead, manage, problem solve, and achieve mission success. This amazing experience offers massive opportunities for positive transformational growth.

DRIVE GROWTH takes care of everything from door to door; all transportation from the airport, meals, accommodations, and equipment are provided under the program. Trip Leads will pick up and transport your team directly to our austere base camp which is accessed with 4x4 vehicles and makes for a grand entrance. Enjoy the comfort of base camp and delicious meals prepared by our on-staff chef. Our nightly “Fireside Chats” are sure to evoke inspiration, a sense of wonder, and the feeling that you are a part of something special. Options include helicopter tours, jet boat rides, and we also have a certified drop zone folks can skydive into as well.

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